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Adam's Least Favorite Movie/Homecoming [PG-13/NC-17, Idol] They watch a horror movie, one of them is chicken about it/Kris likes to be fingered.
Throw Daggers [R] Adam never thought he would be out-dommed by a tiny blond Christian girl. Katy finds out about Kris and Adam, and reacts.
Laying Down the Law [NC-17] Sequel to Throw Daggers “Mistress, I’m sorry for bothering you before your massage, but I wanted to know if we had your permission to play without you.”
Intent [NC-17, Idol] Kris came closer and laid a hand on Adam’s back, rubbing a circle gently.
Shape of Your Mouth [NC-17, Idol] Adam knew what that mouth felt like on his cock, but not on his lips.
This Is It [NC-17, AU] Typical high school AU where Adam and Kris are magically the same age, and go to school together.

Kiss and Tell Part 1 2 [NC-17, Idol] Adam finds Kris looking at something very interesting...
Thumpa-thumpa [NC-17, Idol/Tour] Adam wants Kris to meet Drake.
Two Drabbles [G/PG, AU/Future] Kradam high school AU, in which Kris commits "social suicide" by befriending Adam/A day in the park.
We Are Golden [PG-13, AU] Continuation of the high school AU drabble.

Shelter Part 1 2 [PG-13, Idol] There was never a five-year plan in Kris's head, but had he had one it would have been shot to hell the second he got to Hollywood.
Series of Drabbles [PG, Tour/Future]
The Things We Learned in Kindergarten [NC-17, Tour] There People get drunk. Things happen.
It's Hard at the End of the Night [PG, Tour] It's the end of the tour and Kris freaks out.
Warm [PG-13, Tour] Kris is always cold.

A Kradam Poem: Endless Helpless Heartless [PG-13]
Saving Me, Saving You Part 1 2 [NC-17, Idol] Takes place right after Adam's Rolling Stone magazine cover. Kris reacts to what Adam said about him in the interview, and not in the way Adam expected...
The Definition of the Indefinable [PG, Idol]
Fade Away With Me [PG-13, Idol]
Life in the Sandbox [PG, Idol]
3 Drabbles [PG, Future]
And it Hurts [PG]
Things You Hear in Silence [PG, Tour] Starts today, the last day of the AI tour. Kris and Adam are trying to deal with the truth of not seeing each other (at least romantically) ever again.
Let It Rain [PG-13, Future] Kris goes to Adam's house. It's raining. Stuff happens.

One Love, One Life [NC-17, AU] Adam and Kris from 2006 to 2010. Adam and Kris perform in "Hair" together...chronicles their four year relationship.
*The Arabella [NC-17, AU] Captain Adam Lambert is a benevolent pirate!
*The Arabella’s Passage [NC-17, AU] Sequel to The Arabella The Adventures of the Arabella eight months later.
*The Arabella’s Epilogue [R, AU] Sequel to The Arabella’s Passage
*Jack Part 1 2 [NC-17, AU] “Sir Adam Lambert. He would have to get used to that. Adam had just returned from London where he had actually knelt before the Queen of England.”
*San Quentin Part 1 2 [NC-17, AU] Kris Allen has just been sentenced to 10 years in San Quentin Federal Prison, a place where men are raped and beaten by inmates and the warden is ruthless. Fresh meat is claimed by the powerful. Kris’ salvation comes in the form of his cellmate, Adam Lambert.
Ficlet [R, AU] Sequel to San Quentin "How long has it been?”
Drabble [R, AU] Sequel to San Quentin Kris grudgingly got up from the couch, extricating himself from the tangle of arms and legs that were Adam and Kris, always.
The Note [NC-17, AU] Adam and Kris meet while at Harvard Divinity School. Adam is studying to be a Rabbi; Kris is studying to be a priest.
LAX [NC-17, Future] Adam and Kris truly discover eachother at the airport.
I Was Born To Love You [NC-17, Future] Sequel to LAX
The Hill Non-Negotiable Power Exchange [NC-17, AU] Kris is a well-known and feared criminal, known for his soft-spoken control. He's a man who doesn't yell, doesn't make false threats, but everyone knows better than to mess with him. Simon owns him a lot of money but offers Kris something much more valuable.
The Music In Her [NC-17, AU] Mr. Allen hopes to help Allison though a rough time and, of course, must meet with her guardian.
Protection [R, Future] Kris likes Adam’s wrist tatoo.
Lots of Nice [R] Text sex.
Avoidance [PG-13, Future] Prompt: Kris is avoiding Adam’s tweets, phone calls, and texts because he's afraid of his feelings. Adam is patient & understanding until he can’t take it and surprises Kris by showing up at his album signing.
Gateways [NC-17, AU] Kris Allen was a mystery. No one knew why he couldn’t or wouldn’t speak. He had been taken to Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles after he was found wandering the streets.
I Love You More Part 1 2 3 [NC-17, AU] Sequel to Gateways Kris settled into the seat, leaned his head back, eyes closed and felt the wind on his face and in his hair. It was the feeling of freedom. He was free from the hospital, free from his former life, and free to love Dr. Adam Lambert with every particle of his soul.
*Camp Freedom Part 1 2 [NC-17, AU] Prompt: Adam's parents send him to one of those brainwashing cure-for-gay boot camps. Kris is the leader's son, and helps out with the program as per his father's request. Kris doesn't really know how he feels about homosexuality - until he meets Adam and they quietly, but surely, fall in love.
Alpha, Beta, Omega [NC-17, AU] He would have to hire an Omega soon. It seemed that the times between got shorter and shorter, but that could be his imagination. He pushed the button on the wall calendar. Last visit to Omega September 22, 2147.’ That seemed about right, a month ago. He would have to make another appointment.

Serious [NC-17] Prompt: Rimming. Kris is reluctant at first but Adam shows him what he's been missing.
Just Want Your Extra Time [NC-17] Prompt: They'd been blowing each other for 2 months before Adam finally got up the nerve to ask Kris for a kiss.
From Our Hands They Will Melt [NC-17] Prompt: Kris loves being fingered.

Seven Minutes [R, Idol] 'Uhm. Megan - uh, Megan wants to play seven minutes in heaven.'
Five Heartaches [R, Idol] Followup to Seven Minutes 'And of course, Adam understands. He knows his place.'
Two Catalysts [R, Idol] Followup to Five Heartaches The object of Kris’ fixation straightens himself, looks directly at him, lips slightly pushed out and eyes quite clearly ‘come hither,’ and he gulps as Adam begins to gently sway his hips.
Three Kisses [PG-13, Idol] Followup to Two Catalysts 'Forty-nine voices in your head are screaming obscenities, are protesting, but there are fifty-one voices in your heart that egg you on, that whisper soothing nothings that allow you to melt perfectly into him until you’re both just there and holding on to each other.'
One View [PG-13, Idol] Followup to Three Kisses ‘Stunned is the closest word to her reaction that night. Stunned dumbfounded surprised aghast openmouthed wide-eyed overwhelmed the feeling of I should’ve known no, why should I have known? Damn it, I should have known!'
Entanglement [NC-17, Idol] 'You fell because you had known that nothing is impossible. That no one is infallible.'
Completion [R, Idol] ‘He’s hard of breathing for a moment as he takes it in watches Kris take it in as they all soak it up and treasure it and dwell only in the moment and not care about yesterday or tomorrow.’
Not Even Breathing Room [NC-17, Idol] 'See, you don't know what it is that makes well, isn't that kind of like cheating on me if he's having a bromance with Matt, too? run through your head [...], but you're dead-set on maiming whatever it is that makes you say it out loud.'
One Moment in Time [PG-13] Kris, Adam, and moments during the 2009 Idols Tour.
Let’s See How Far We’ve Come [NC-17, Idol] Adam just laughs and shakes his head, “Yeah. Yeah, Kris Allen’s definitely worth it.”

How Sweet It Is [PG-13, Tour] Series of drabbles.
Cryin' Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [PG-13, Complete, Tour] Kris and Adam are on tour and they're pissed at each other.
I'm Gonna Give You Every Inch of My Love [NC-17] Kris wants a change in his and Adam's sex life.

Pink Noise [NC-17, Idol] This is just porn. Shameless, filthy porn.
*The One Where Adam Sings During Sex [NC-17, Idol] The Idols, particularly Kris and Adam, on midgets, inappropriate shirts, political correctness, Von, I Love Lucy, Neo-Nazis, freaky kinks, and thorough abuse of just about everyone on the show. Oh, and sex. Lots of sex, illegal amounts of sex.

**Salvation is a Four Letter Word Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 [R, Complete, AU] That very last thing on Kris' mind that day was purchasing a new slave. And then he set eyes on Adam. And everything changed.
Desecrate, Penetrate, Complicate [R, Tour] But the most important thing he’s learned about his former roommate is this: hidden deep inside of Adam, far enough away that most people would never notice, there still exists a chubby outsider brimming with insecurities and fears.
Take my Syndrome, Give me Yours Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [R, WIP, AU] AU wherein you will find: Anti-hero!Adam, Victim!Kris, a villain that isn't Danny Gokey, and my usual brand of angst.

Blackbird [PG, Idol]
Seven Songs [PG-13]
What If Chapter 1 2 3 [R, WIP, Future] Adam is in an accident and Kris blames himself.
Falling Slowly [PG, Future] Drabble in which Kris realizes the exact moment he falls in love with Adam.
Losing Bets [PG, Tour] Drabble in which Adam loses a bet to Allison and Kris is there to witness it. Hilarity ensues.
Trick or Treat [PG, Future] Drabble in which Adam insists he and Kris go trick or treating.

Right Part 1 2 [NC-17, Tour] Kris has been secretly in love with Adam since the first time he laid eyes on him. Confused and terrified by his feelings, all he knows for sure is that it's not right for him to be with Katy, so he asks her for a divorce. When he goes to Adam to tell him about the divorce and confess his feelings, the reaction he gets is not what he expected.
Dance With Me Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 [NC-17, Complete, AU] Kris is obsessed with Adam, a go-go dancer in a club.
Holding all the Pieces Part 1 2 3 [R, WIP, AU] Sequel to Dance With Me Continuing tale of everyman Kris and gogo dancer Adam.
Top [NC-17, Future] When Adam agreed to let him tie him up, Kris was nearly giddy with excitement.

Small Things [PG, Idol] Adam likes the way he and Kris touch each other. It’s like being a child and getting a toy you always wanted, except once you open the box and start playing with you realize, wow, this is so much better than you’d imagined.
Where the Heart Is [PG-13, Tour] Adam isn’t Arkansas and Kris knows that, but somehow it still fits in the exact same spot like it’s meant to be there. He feels at home.
Three Drabbles [G] Three Drabbles.

I Just Want You to Know Who I Am Part 1 2 3 4 5 [NC-17, WIP, Idol] Adam is in an accident and wakes up in the hospital, with no recollection of the past year of his life.
Live Like it's the Style [PG-13, AU] Hooker!Kris and Everyman!Adam.

I Kissed A Boy [PG-13, Idol]
Now. Morning [PG-13, Idol]

Spaces [PG-13, Idol]
The Last Remaining Light Part 1 2 [PG-13]
I Am the Highway [NC-17, Idol]
Wandering Eye Part 1 2 [NC-17, WIP, AU] Adam/Kris set here in New Zealand.
Closer [NC-17, Idol] Sequel to TLRL
Uninvited Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 Epilogue [NC-17, Complete, Future] Sequel to TLRL and Closer
At The House [NC-17, Future] Sequel to Uninvited
The Holy and the Broken Part 1 2 [NC-17, Tour] Kris has rules for their encounters.
Salt [NC-17, Tour] Kris is thirsty.
Words Part 1 2 [NC-17, Future] Prompt: Kris wants Adam to come on his face, but doesn't know how to ask.
Believe in Demons [R, AU] Adam is an excommunicated priest, and Kris has been possessed by a demon.
One to Nine [NC-17, Tour] Adam likes to listen.
Last Call For Sin [NC-17, Tour] Adam sings Closer (NIN) on the last night of the tour. Kris can’t take the sexual tension anymore and ends up fucking Adam in Adam's hotel room.
Wish Part 1 2 3 4 [NC-17, AU] Adam is a ‘wish-enabler specialist’.
Get the Hell Out of Wonderland [NC-17, AU] Hooker!AU with Kris working hard for the money and Adam as a john.
*Stuck On You [NC-17, Tour] Matt is evil. Or is he …
Resistance Is [PG-13, Idol] Prompt: 101 Ways TO Try and Resist Kris Allen. Adam's POV of course! Bonus points if Kris wants Adam and "tortures" him with innuendos and actions.
*Hybrid Withdrawal (ryha'mor) Choices Trials Pairing Union [NC-17, AU] Adam is a human/alien half breed, kept in a back room of a seedy nightclub and sold for sex. Kris is a privileged student visiting the underworld. He has no idea that the city's darker legends are actually real life practices. Keeping a half breed is illegal because sex with them is like a drug hit. Only its Adam that they have to keep drugged to keep him there.
The Wasteland [NC-17, AU] Danny owns Kris, a well-known and feared criminal that no one wants to mess with, a lot of money. He offers Kris something a little more valuable for the next 24 hours.
Figments and Fragments [PG-13, Tour] Adam doesn't realize how beautiful he is until he sees himself through Kris's eyes.
Devil Dust [NC-17, Tour] He smiles and tilts his body sideways a little when he feels the dark presence settle beside him.
Rain Tea [PG-13] Adam lays their joined hands back on the couch, the fabric feeling rough, and sharp.
Backwards, and in High Heels [NC-17, Future] Sequel to Rain & Tea "Mr. Lambert, are you trying to seduce me?"
Dance Along the Light of Day Part 1 2 3 [PG-13, WIP, Future] Kradam are married and very happy when Adam crashes his car and loses the memory of ever falling in love with Kris...In fact he thinks he's still with Brad.

Co-author worlddescending Spiders and the Fly [NC-17, Tour] Kris/Adam/Brad PWP.
Co-author worlddescending Desire [NC-17, AU] When Kris has learned the joys of gay sex, there is just so much to do.
The Politics of Dancing [R, AU] The politics of dancing/ The politics of ooh feeling good/ The politics of moving/ Is this message understood.
Blame It on the Ice Cream [NC-17, Idol] Kris blames it on the ice cream.

Three Singers, One Song [NC-17, Idol] Kradam celebrate Kris' Idol 2009 win. Cook happens to participate, in more ways than one.

**All the More For That [PG-13, Future] “Kris doesn't mind when life gives him lemons. He is good at making the best of lemons. He just thinks it sucks that when life gave him crème brûlée, he didn't know what to do with it.”
***Far Along This Road [NC-17, AU] One-night stands are not for everyone.
*Like a Heart Needs a Beat [PG-13, AU] Sequel to Far Along This Road"Your mother came by today," Kris says, clicking away at the laptop, not even bothering to look up.
Backstage [PG-13, AU] Sequel to Far Along This RoadAdam isn't too nervous about the show.
*Sunday Morning [R, AU] Sequel to Far Along This RoadThey’re like an old married couple.
*(Every Heart is) Like a House on Fire [NC-17, AU] Adam Lambert has the protective instincts of a beetle.
*Escape Routes (in Every Room) [R, AU] Sequel to (Every Heart is) Like a House on Fire“You want to teach me self-defense?”
*House of Cards [R, AU] Sequel to (Every Heart is) Like a House on FireAdam doesn't mean to do it.
*Love and War [PG, Tour] Despite what everyone thinks Adam does not fall in love with Kris during American Idol.
***More Myself with You [R, Future] Their friendship is hard to explain.
*Ever After [NC-17, Tour] Sequel to More Myself with You
**Just a Glance Away [PG-13, AU] "You would sleep with me, right?"
Something in Your Eyes [NC-17, AU] Sequel to Just A Glance AwayKris Allen is a good kisser.
What Were The Chances [R, AU] Sequel to Just a Glance AwayEven though a day is hardly a long time for anything, it feels like a slow build to Kris.
*Fools and Kings [PG-13, AU] "This is ridiculous. You're done with this kingdom's dragons and now you're branching out?"
Over Land and Sleep [PG-13, AU] Sequel to Fools and Kings"We could go away."
*Tangled [PG-13, AU] "If it isn’t my favorite doctor." Adam is a prostitute!
*Life in Detail [R, AU] Sequel to Tangled “You’re the only man I know who would say no to a blowjob.”
From the Moment [NC-17, Future] Adam is in the studio, discussing the intro of the new song with James when Kevin walks in, eyes huge, and says “Dude, did you hear about Kris?”
**The World in an Hourglass [NC-17, AU] Kris is pretty sure he will never enjoy kissing anyone as much as he has enjoyed these lips; clearly they are made of sin.
*A Million Dreams to Fulfill [PG-13, AU] Sequel to The World in an HourglassIt's all Brad's fault.
Beyond the Blue [PG-13, Future] “Dancing,” Adam explains. “This song calls for it.”
On the Verge of Something Wonderful [NC-17, Future] “We said we’d wait.”
Epiphany [PG-13, Future] Kris is like an octopus when he is drunk; wiggly and floppy and with arms everywhere.
The Date [PG-13, Future] Sequel to Epiphany Adam does not like getting his hopes up.
Be Cool [PG-13, Future] Sequel to The Date Never trust a drink that glows in the dark.
Stay [NC-17, Future] Sequel to Be Cool “You can’t leave yet,” Kris mumbles against Adam’s lips.
Any Second Now [PG-13, Future] “I’ll help you out with that, don’t worry.”
A Question of Lust [NC-17, Future] Sequel to Any Second NowI didn’t know you were into watching.”
Strings [PG-13, AU] Kris doesn’t mean to break up with Katy over it; it just happens.
Merry and Bright [PG-13, AU] Every year, Kris expects things to be different when he comes back, but every year they stay the same. No matter how much his life changes, home is always just like he left it.
Stardust Of Yesterday [PG-13, Future] It's been seven years and three months since the end of American Idol.
The Tale of the Sad Panda [PG-13, Tour] They are on tour and will be thrown together for months to come; who knows what might happen?
A Different Corner [R, AU] "What's with the dress?"
Hang the Sense of It [R, AU] The date starts out pretty normally.

Mint Condition, Special Edition, Very Rare and Lined with Glitter [PG-13, AU] Kris's friends sends him on a singles cruise to get over his not so recent break up. No one, least of all Kris, predicted he would end up falling for the entertainment.

Twinkle [PG-13, Idol] If Allison only knew the right time to leave a room.
Inside of the Earth [PG-13, Idol] David Cook tells Kris exactly what he needs to hear.
Want [PG-13, Idol] Um my first try at angst, based on lovely Kradam prompts!
Eyes That Know Me Part 1 2 [R, Idol] Adam's got Kris doing crazy things, but truly, he doesn't mind.
Remember the Time [PG-13, Idol] A Hollywood Week story, how Adam and Kris first met. Oh, and a drunken game of Truth or Dare.
Green [PG-13, Idol] Adam comes back from a club a little too drunk, and Kris has to deal with him.
To Infinity and Beyond [R, Future] Adam and Kris get a hell of a lot more than they bargained for when they end up spending a weekend in Disney World to promote the American Idol Experience.

Stay in Touch [PG-13, Tour] It's a long way back to LA, and Adam can't sleep.
Waylaid [R, Tour] After the LA show, Adam goes out with his friends and takes Kris along.

Keep Your Enemies Closer Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [PG-13, WIP, AU] Simon Cowell, manager of pop star hopefuls and owner of the hot downtown Club Idol, has been framed for a crime he didn't commit. Can new kid Kris Allen convince rival divas David Cook and Adam Lambert to work together to clear Simon's name? And what will happen when Simon asks Adam and Kris to "take care" of his boyfriend Ryan for him?

Distracting [PG-13, Future] Kris reads Adam’s quote about him in Rolling Stone and confronts him.
Love [NC-17, Future] Sequel to Distracting
Momentum [NC-17, Future] Sequel to Love
Reaching [PG-13, Tour] emo!Kris and cuteness. Adam can sense that something is up with a mopey Kris, and he is willing to reach out to him, but he won't take control.
Hearts Are Magnets [PG-13, Tour] Cute!Kradam. This is a series of interconnected ficlets which begin when Kris and Adam kiss for the first time, begin their relationship and ultimately, fall in love.
Oreos and Lyrics [PG-13, Tour] Kris is eating Oreos and trying to write a new song. Adam joins him.
Addictions, Good Eats & Headphone Splitters [PG-13] Three cute drabbles.
Small Things [PG, Future] Prompt: Kris/Adam, domestic apartment goodness.
Welcome Home [NC-17, Future] Kris and Adam go apartment hunting - after seeing many, they finally find one that turns them both on.
Want You [NC-17, Future] Prompt:Kradam. Established relationship, Adam gets back from his tour. Kris has missed him greatly. Kris basically drags Adam to the bedroom the second he walks into the house. Dom!Kris please.
Sleepless [PG, Tour] Kris can't sleep, so he brings out the letters from ontd_ai given to him by soapy_chk89 and assembled by chachithegreat. Adam discovers him all alone, and joins him.
Always [PG, Idol] Prompt: During Idol. Adam and Kris each have a rough day. Lying in their beds, they each tell the other the story of the best day of their lives.
Temporary Irritation [PG, Future] Katy and Adam drag Kris along for a spa day. In the end, he begrudgingly admits he likes it.

There's Only Us Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 [PG-13, WIP, Tour] An epic tale in which #gokeyisnotadouche #butsarveris, Adam and Kris take various forms of transportation, and we hear wedding bells--twice.
Trade Baby Blues for Wide-Eyed Browns Chapter 1 2 3 4 [R, WIP, AU] Set in college. Adam is a senior and Kris is a freshman and they're roommates.
Tonight I'm Writing You A Million Miles Away [PG-13, Tour] Kris knows he doesn't have long to tell Adam everything he's ever wanted to.
It Was Love [PG, AU] Preschool!Kradam.
I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing [PG-13, AU] Sequel to It Was Love Middleschool!Kradam.
If I Could, Baby, I'd Give You My World [PG-13, Future] Every time we talk, I have to lie.
Do You Remember The Way I Held Your Hand? [PG-13, AU] High school AU. Their first kiss and ‘I love you’s.
Sorry, We Burnt Your Cat [PG-13, Future] This takes place three years after Idol, Kradam are in an established relationship, told through texting, IM, emails, Twitter, dialogue, and phone calls.

Two Princes [PG] Bedtime stories.

Before The Storm Chapter 1 [PG-13, WIP, Tour] Things are changing. The tour is drawing to a close. A divorce is setting on the horizon. However, Adam feels it is fault. Could his guilt ruin a new relationship?

Thumbs Up [PG-13, Future] Adam and Kris get caught up in a new situation and it takes a toll on both of them.
The Ride [PG-13] Adam Lambert hated Ferris wheels. Or so he thought.
*From My Mouth to Yours Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 [PG-13, WIP, AU] Sometimes silence just says more.
Comatose but Audible Part 1 2 [R, Tour] Adam and Kris find themselves in a middle of a hostage situation.
Mad Season Part 1 2 3 [PG-13, WIP, AU] Bizarro world where 90% of the population is gay (artificial insemination is king) and the "straights" are the ones not considered normal. And although times are changing and people are becoming more accepting, the straights are still discriminated against and looked down upon. Everyone in Season 8 of American Idol is gay - except for Kris.

Crybaby Part 1 2 3 4 5 [PG-13, Complete, Idol]
Hell Is For Children Part 1 2 3 4 [R, WIP, Future]
Touching Clouds Part 1 1.5&2 3 4 5 6 [PG, Complete, Future]
Memory [PG, Future] Adam does another Rolling Stone interview, only its under very different circumstances.
Limbo [PG, Future] Limbo is tricky business.
Cant breathe without you, but I have to [PG, Idol] Our boys come to terms with the end.
Permanent Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [R, Complete, Future] Allie gets sick, and its all the other two can do to keep it together.
I Look Better in Your Shirt [PG-13, Tour] Kris is cute, but plaid? Really?

Painted faces fill the places I can't reach [PG, Tour]

Play That Funky Music [PG-13, Idol]
Almost Lover [NC-17, Future] Kradam, biting, bite marks.
Two Drabbles [PG, Tour] First drabble: Based off Lifehouse's "Broken"; second drabble: Kris, Adam, Matt and Anoop go to the zoo.

Anytime She Goes Away [PG, Idol] When Kris is missing his wife, Adam is there to lend some comfort.

Am I Strong Enough To See It Through [PG, Idol] Adam knows who he would choose. He also knows that choice is not something he’s going to have when all is said and done.

More Than Kinda Perfect [NC-17, Idol] Kris is finally, completely ready. Memories of how they truly became 'Kradam' resurface.
I'm Done With Subtlety [R, Idol] This wasn't the first time they had had this conversation, but Adam's voice had never been laced with exasperated rage, as it was now.
Just For One Night Part 1 2 3 4 5 [NC-17, WIP, Future] Adam really could not believe he was having this conversation. With Kris Allen.
Such Unlikely Lovers Part 1a 1b 2 [NC-17, AU] Kris was suddenly looking into an incredibly, almost unnaturally gorgeous face, framed by thick, black hair, and he caught sight of icy blue eyes and slitted, cat-like pupils before they hazed over and slid shut. Oh. He was...
Only Yours Part 1 2 [NC-17, AU] Kris Allen is a paid escort to a wealthy club-owner-- but what will he do when he runs into a beautiful, newly-homeless man from his past, and falling in love becomes a very real possibility?

Falling Slowly [NC-17, AU] Kris and Adam meet and their instant bond becomes something deeper.

Mad World Part 1 [PG-13, WIP]

*Dating Advice [NC-17, Future] Kris is divorced and has been living with Adam (just as friends) for the last six months. He is finally ready to get his feet wet in the gay dating scene. Unfortunately, he has no game when it comes to the gents. So who better to ask for advice than his very own best friend -- Adam!

Untitled [NC-17, Idol] Adam finds something that gets Kris flustered and more.
Switched Chapter 1 [PG-13, WIP, Idol]

"Not So Quiet" Desperation [NC-17, Idol] Kris is aching to be fucked; Adam is busy, but Kris is very, very convincing.
A Spatula is Not Just for Flippin' Pancakes [NC-17, Future] Kris bends Adam over the kitchen counter to spank him.
The Calming Effect [R, Future] Adam and Allison go on tour together. They get into little fights and Kris acts as mediator. Adam and Kris are a couple.
The Horizontal Effect [NC-17, Future] Sequel to The Calming EffectAfter being on tour with Allison for three months, Adam couldn't wait to get home and "suprise" Kris.
When Adam Met Glitter [PG-13, Future] Prequel to The Calming EffectAdam gets a "furry" present from Kris.
Suds and Foam [NC-17, Future] Kris invites Adam over for dinner. Adam helps Kris with the dishes and something else.
Dancing with the Devil [NC-17, Future] Kris has a hard time focusing on the conversation he's having with his manager as Adam skillfully claims his body under the covers, teasing him with his lips and tongue, and prickling him with his facial fuzz.
For The Best [PG-13, Future] Adam thought it was for the best to stay away from Kris.
*Marital Bliss [R, Future] Neil drives Kris and Adam to the hotel where they're going to spend their first night together as a married couple.

9 AM [G] It was sort of an accident.
Beautifall [PG-13, AU] The other half is with me.

Could I Just Be You Tonight [PG-13, Idol] Adam has been around Kris enough to see him as predictable. He’s so wrong.

*Finale Part 1 2 3 4 [NC-17, Complete, Tour/Future] Adam and Kris's relationship is changing, but it's hard to get a moment alone on tour...
Collaboration [NC-17, Idol] Kris discovers how much he enjoys sensory stimulation.
It's Only Teasing If You Don't Mean It [NC-17, Tour] Adam calls Kris a tease after the TV guide interview, but Kris has his reasons why he's no tease.
Adonis and the Rock god [NC-17, Tour] This more forward Kris is a real turn-on to Adam. Adam is sure the judges had it wrong when they said Kris didn’t have the killer instinct to be the winner, because Kris Allen is sure killing him.
Kris Allen, Head Bitch In Charge [NC-17, Idol] Spanking the monkey isn’t the only thing Kris has in mind.
Shop Til You Drop [NC-17, Idol] Kris really does need help dressing properly.
The Shit Gets Real [PG-13, Tour] Kris thought he was prepared for the attention he’d receive as the American Idol winner. But he doesn’t know how to handle it when fear takes over.
All You Need is Love [PG-13, Tour] Sequel to TSGR Kris realizes there are more issues to deal with than paparazzi and fans with mental issues if he’s going to follow his heart.
Adam’s Journal [NC-17, Idol] Adam appreciates Kris Allen way more than he should be appreciating his married roommate. He keeps being pulled in by those big brown eyes, and he writes in his journal to think about something else. But Kris doesn’t seem to have a feature that doesn’t turn Adam on!
Love Hurts, Love Scars [NC-17, Tour] Kris has made Katy a promise to behave until the divorce is final and the tour is finished. But it’s hard to behave when you’re in love with Adam Lambert.
The Third Morning, or How Adam Tamed the Pocket Rocket [NC-17, Idol] This is a story about Kris’s cock. What can I say?
No Hate [PG, Tour/Future] Kris is asked to make a video for the NO H8 campaign, to lend his voice with others in reversing California’s prop 8 banning gay marriage. Kris knows what his heart tells him to do. Can he take the brave stand he wants to, now that everyone notices everything he says?
Negative Reinforcement, or Dr. Kris gets Devious Part 1 2 [NC-17, Tour] Kris threatens to punish Adam if he continues to disobey doctor's orders to rest his throat. Apparently, Adam wants to be punished.
Kris’s Evil Twin - “Orgasm Face” [NC-17, Idol] Kris accidentally discovers how Adam feels about him, and finds the knowledge personally empowering.
Holding Out For a Kiss [R, Tour] Adam's determined to avoid all the guys to keep from getting what they have, but it's only making Kris want Adam more.
Distance – Breathing & Presence [PG-13, Tour] There are ways to feel close, even at a distance.
Fly on the wall, or It’s Only Natural [NC-17, Tour] How do eight guys take care of “pressing personal business” on a tour bus? With a community jack-off night featuring extra-special Kradam time.
Goodbye, Pompadour [R, Tour/Future] Only Adam would know Kris was upset.
Hello, Freshly *Fluffed* [NC-17, Future] Sequel to Goodbye, Pompadour Adam wants Kris. Kris wants Adam. It’s pretty simple.
Goodbye, Secrets [NC-17, Future] Sequel to Hello, Freshly *Fluffed* Adam and Kris are in love, and they want the world to know it. But how, and when, to break the news.
Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night!! [PG-13, Future] Kradam does the opening skit on Saturday Night Live.
Unmasked [PG, Future] It’s time they let down their guard.
Bruises Not Optional [NC-17, Future] Kris has been torturing Adam for a while now, but this is too much. How's Adam supposed to watch hot guys touching and tackling Kris? Perhaps he'll have to play, too - and try to stop that from happening.
Bedtime Conversations - New York, Detroit, and Miami [NC-17, Future] The obstacles to having a real relationship are huge for Kris and Adam. But if it's really love, they're willing to make it happen.
Allison’s Discovery [PG-13, Future] Allison doesn’t mean to eavesdrop.

Sour with a Side of Sweet [R, Tour] Kris was in a pissy mood again. Adam has to cheer him up.

Blind Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Epilogue [NC-17, Complete, Tour] After a heartbreak, Kris turns to Adam for moral support....and finds more than he expected.

They're in alphabetical order by author.
My personal favorites have a * by them.
I did include the fics that are friendlocked.
Thank you so much argeneau for helping with the classifications. It means a lot. *HUGGLES*
Tags: !adam, !kradam, !kris, !masterlist
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