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It's A Good Burn [R]
On In Five (Done in Two) [R, Tour] On tour you have to find a good place for 'personal' business. Sometimes, it doesn't always work out.

In Which Kris and Adam are Actors or Something Like That [PG-13, AU] Kris and Adam as actors.
The Little Cracks They Escalated Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 [R, Complete, AU] When Kris was nine, he met Adam Lambert.
The Adam Years [R, AU] Set in The Little Cracks VerseAdam's POV.
The Art of Storytelling [PG-13, Tour] Adam tells Kris a story about true love.
The Butler Did It Chapter 1 2 [PG-13, WIP, AU] Kris Allen is psychic. At least, that’s what he tells the SBPD when they drag him in for questioning.

*Take This Sinking Boat Part 1 2 [NC-17, Future] Two years from his Idol win, and Kris's life isn't turning into the fairy tale he'd imagined. Luckily, Adam's always got his back.
Then We'll Throw It On Fire [NC-17, Future] Sequel to TTSB PWP.
In My Pocket [R, Tour] David's easy, Kris and Adam are clueless, and Katy has a list.

Here Comes Goodbye [R, Idol]
ABC's of Kradam [PG-13, Idol]
Tequila [NC-17, Idol]
Point it Home [PG-13, Future] Kris doesn't really know where home is anymore.
Hide-n-Seek [R, Idol]
In Thoughts Constructs [R, Idol] Sequel to Tequila
Lie [PG-13, Tour]
Mistakes Part 1 2 3 [R, Complete, Future] “There’s been an accident,” she whispered and it hit him like a ton of bricks.
Glamorize [NC-17]
The Sandbox Chronicles Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Epilogue [R, Complete, AU] It all started in a sandbox.
Glamor and Glitz [NC-17] Adam drags Kris out to a club and Kris gets better than a good time.
Little Corner of the World [R, Future] "Come on, Kris. It's romantic," he whispers, a hint of laughter behind his words that has you laughing all scrunchy-eyed and loud. Bring It Back [PG, Future] He wants it all back.
Shimmer and Shake [R, Tour/Crossover] “It‘s run by some guy named Magnus Bane. It’s in Brooklyn. Come on, Kris! Please?” Adam pulls the pouty lower lip and the big round eyes. It usually works on someone like Kris.
Noli Me Tangere Part 1 2 [R, WIP, Crossover] "Before he can comprehend where and what and why, the cold presses in around his throat." Supernatural/AI crossover.
Why [NC-17, Tour] If someone were to ask Kris why he honestly wouldn't be able to answer them...
Only One Part 1 2 3 4 [PG-13, Complete, Future] "You're leaving me again. Today."
Untitled [PG-13, Future] and I can't stand the pain, and i can't make it go away...
Midnight Song [PG, Future] Kris always gets caught up in song writing.

*Home is...Where? Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 [NC-17, WIP, Idol] A day back home causes Kris some confusion, and returning to the mansion doesn't make it any better.

Misconception [PG-13, Idol] “If I can't have you”. Basing a song on something you can relate to is harder than it looks.

Broadway is Dark Tonight [PG-13, Idol] The anxiety won't kill us, but the separation might.
Movie Night [PG-16, Idol] So you'd rather watch a non sexually explicit movie with a gay man lying on you?
Holding You [R, Future] Companion to Movie Night His game had stopped being a game.
Give in to love or live in fear Chapter 1 2 3 [PG-13, WIP, Future] Running into old friends can be fun. This is not a crossover between Idol and Rent.
If You're Callin' About My Heart [R, Idol] iTunes meme
The Interview [R, AU] Really nothing like the movie, or the books, I don't think.
Rock N Roll Radio [PG, Tour] iTunes meme
Adam Says Relax [PG-13, Idol] Kris gets jealous.
Morality Play Chapter 1 2 3 [R, Complete, Future] Kris divorced Katy. Kradam ensues.
Goodbye Isn't Forever [PG, Idol]
Prison Gates [PG, Idol]
What Allison Taught Us [PG, Idol]
Walk A Little Straighter Part 1 2 3 [PG-13, WIP, Future]
Drama Class [PG, AU] With Adam as a teacher, Allison as a student.
Graduation Song [PG-13, AU] Companion to Drama ClassAllison finds something interesting in her teacher's basement.
Nonsense [PG-13, Future]
Heartless Part 1 2 3 4 5 [PG, WIP, Future]
I Wonder If They've Got A Life [PG, Future]
Quoting Dreams [R, Idol]
Paint Me A Birmingham [R, Tour] Allison doesn't handle conflict well.
Just Like the Scarecrow [PG-13, AU] Kris doesn't know how he got there, but he doesn't question it too deeply either.
My Old Friend [PG-13, Idol/Tour] Katy approves... no, really, Megan.
Don't Thank Me [R, AU] Kristopher is a doctor... he gets a little attached to a patient.
Wild Turkey [R, Future] In which visits are planned.

*Visit [PG, Future] Adam was now steadily picking his nail polish off, his signature stress effect. “Until five months ago, I was happily Single, no kids!" That came out a bit hysterically.
World's Most Influential [PG, AU] When Kris was recruited into the Secret Service, he'd never imagined he'd one day end up on a babysitting duty for a world-class prostitute.

Breathless [PG-13, Tour] Adam feeds Kris, Kris stops breathing, pecans are evil, Matt is somewhat useless, and Megan Joy saves the day - just your typical tour shenanigans.
Shiny Red Hooker Heels [PG-13, Tour] Sequel to Breathless

Love Lines [PG-13, Idol/Tour/Future] How Adam's love for Kris happened. A relationship told through phone conversations.

The Epic Argument That Led to an Article on the National Enquirer [R, Idol] “Well, if you kept your voice down –” “Well, if you weren't such a jackass –” “Oh, so I'm a jackass now, huh?” “Yeah, yeah you are, Lambert.”

A Song For You Part 1&2 3 4&5 6 7 [PG-13, Complete, Idol]
Musings [PG-13, Idol] Adam Lambert has a crush on Kris Allen. Has anyone ever asked why?
Starlight Express Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8&9 10 [PG-13, Complete, Tour/Future] Outside and beyond American Idol. Set right after Kris' win, traces some touring, and follows all the way through to forever.

And So It Goes Part 1 2 3 4 5 [R, WIP, Future] When Kris's world starts to unravel at the seams, where does he go?
Will You Believe [PG-13, Tour] Even whan Adam's pretending, Kris knows the truth.

Split Screen Sadness [PG-15, Idol] A scene-by-scene retelling of the events leading to Adam's tears and the emptiness behind Kris's eyes.
*Sick Cycle Carousel [R, Tour/Future] In which Kris feels like an asshole most of the time, uses his best friend for sex, torpedoes his marriage, calls Matt a whore, becomes a tabloid star, and doesn't cry. All missteps in the right direction.
**A Million Ways to Be Cruel Part 1 2 [NC-17, AU] The miseducation of Adam Lambert.

The Buried and Hidden Can Be Seen By The Blind [PG-13, AU] Set in 1950/1960s Arkansas. Blind!Adam. Sibling!Adison. Sibling!Kraty.

The Cute One [PG, Idol] A look at how Kris’s and Adam’s first conversation in the Idol Mansion may have gone, based on Adam’s confessions in his Rolling Stone interview.

Kradam Rhymes With...? (Prologue) Part 1 2 [NC-17, WIP] A rhyming poem about kradam.
Banana Split Anyone? [R, Idol]

Dominated [R, Future] His heart is dark, his temptations deadly, and his wishes may cost him more than an ounce of blood.
Surrender [R, Future] Sequel to DominatedKris doesn’t have the will to say the two letter word that could end this deadly game before it even starts.
Predominant [R, Future] Sequel to SurrenderKris doesn’t have the will to say the two letter word that could end this deadly game before it even starts.
Predominant [R, Future] Sequel to PredominantKris finally sees what he's doing to Adam from the other side.
Hell of the Heartbroken [PG-13, Future] Kris finds out what it’s like to experience a broken heart.

Stay [R, Future] Another angsty plane crash fic.

Combination of Words I Could Put on the Back of a Postcard [PG-13, Future] Kris and Adam go on vacation.
Sleeping in My Bed with Your Silhouette [PG, Future] Kris calls Adam from London.
Silly Love Songs [PG-13, Future] Kris comes home after a press junket.
Perfect [PG-13, Future] Same verse as SLS Adam finds the lone imperfection with his and Kris's daughter.
Just Like You [PG, Future] Same verse as SLS & Perfect It's not that Kris didn't expect that their daughter would have more in common with Adam than with himself when she was born, it's just that he never expected it to bother him so much.

Knowledge Gained [G, Future] Adam listens to I Need to Know (on repeat) and rethinks past decisions.
I Need To Know [PG-13, Future] Companion to Knowledge Gained Kris lets Adam listen to "I Need to Know".

Falling My Crutch [PG-13, Future]

Falling Slowly, Sing Your Melody [PG-13, Idol] Kris sang in front of thousands of people every week, but in the wee hours, in the barely lit room -- singing just for Adam --he feels nervous. It feels weird, intimate.
Shake The Glitter Off Your Clothes [PG-13, Idol] Because Adam had always tasted like freedom.
Rush Of Your Skin [PG, Idol/Tour] Playful goofing around, tickling, during Idol. While riding on the bus to the next city, Kris wakes up during late nighttime hours while everyone else sleeps. Adam finds him dozing lightly listening to music on his Ipod. They put the earphone splitters to use. And cuddle.
Last Call for Sin [PG-13, Idol/Tour] Baby, you're the only light I ever saw.
Violent, Sweet, Perfect Words That You Said [PG, Tour] People should have fresh pineapple everyday.

Kris with a K, Adam with an A [G, Idol] Kris and Adam get to know each other when Kris is in a rather unfortunate dodgeball accident.

Where Things Are Hollow [PG-13, Future] You can't gain everything without losing something. And even rockstars need a Ben and Jerry's break from flying dildos sometimes.

*If You Really Fell Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 [NC-17, Complete, Tour] Kris and Adam write a song together and it changes how they see each other forever.
*Turn It All Around Part 1 2 [NC-17, AU] What if Adam hadn’t given up on Broadway and moved to New York to be in Wicked? What if Kris had split up with his girlfriend, Katy, and moved to New York to find himself? What if they happened to show up and perform on the same open mic night?
At the End [PG-13, Future] Kris and Adam at the end of the world (kind of).
Any Other Way [PG-13, Future] Kris and Adam were always going to end up together.

Don't Stop Believing Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [NC-17, Complete, Idol]
Man In the Mirror Chapter 1 2 [PG-13, WIP, Future]
Somehow Falling [PG, Future]
Love Me Do Chapter 1 2 3 4 [PG, Complete, Future]
Miracles Do Happen Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [PG-13, Complete, Future]

Fall Fashion [NC-17, Tour] Necking.

Euphoria and Bliss [NC-17, Tour] There was something about pleasuring Adam Lambert that Kris Allen REALLY enjoyed... Maybe even too much.

The Kradam Bubbletweet [NC-17, Tour]
Non-Threatening [NC-17, Future]

Type [G, Future] Neil Lambert amuses himself by watching his older brother get first-date jitters.
Run-on-Rain [PG-13, Idol] Someday the world's gonna have to spin again, and the rain's gonna have to end. But not today.
Right Wing Morning [R, AU] Oh. Oh, shit. That thing pressing into the small of his back was definitely, definitely not Katy’s. Strike three.
The Watermelon Song [PG-13, AU] The dyed-black hair, the eyeliner, and the leather wasn’t really a new sight for Kris – he wasn’t a hick, really – but Adam’s smile was so bright, it stunned him a little.
Like Cherry Wine [R, Future] And then there's Kris, alone in his too-big rock star penthouse stocked with too-sweet wines that taste too much like Adam, or what he always imagined Adam would taste like.
Eclipse [PG, Future] Q: Is there one song that you have heard that you connected with on such a level that you wish you had written it? A: Eclipse by Robyn, heard it for the first time and wept. It reminds me of my ex and I.
Afterglow [PG-13, Idol] An American Idol season lasts for five months; entirely too long, or too short, depending on who's talking.
Chuck and the Razorbacks [PG-13, Future] We have an NFL game and a Gossip Girl marathon going on at the same time, but only one TV for Kris and Adam. Apparently, their mommies never taught them to share.
Holding the Reins [NC-17, Idol] Kris isn't supposed to enjoy this.
The Stars Don't Know My Name [R, AU] People come into our lives for a reason. A look into what Kris Allen and Adam Lambert's careers lives would have been like, had they gone on separate seasons of American Idol, had they not become friends, had they not known each other as they were meant to.
7-11th Heaven Part 1 [PG-13, WIP, AU] It was a Tuesday, the day Fiyero walked into 7-11—stepping from the stage and right into Kris' life.

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room [NC-17, Future] “I can’t play ‘Rocket Man’ when you’re doing that,” he says, emphasizing his accent.
It's Not Moral but, It's Just Tonight [NC-17, AU] My body wanted me to fight Adam, or run away.
Crying Lightning [NC-17, Tour] Adam starts reciting his make-up routine in his head to last longer.

All The World Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 [NC-17, WIP, AU] Edwardian London and two young gentlemen visit the theatre to watch a penny play. One of them becomes rather smitten with the female lead.
Longing [PG-13, Future] "C'mon, Kris, give me longing."
Domine [NC-17, Future] Adam needs to learn a new dance move.
Triple Chocolate Double Fudge [NC-17, Future] Kris is looking for something sweet.
House Special [NC-17, AU] Kris finds a new colour.
House Special 2 - Slick [NC-17, AU] Kris has a meeting with a prospective publisher.
A Certain Type of Ring [R, Future] In which Kris is a cocktease.
Three Times [NC-17, Future] Sequel to A Certain Type of Ring Adam calls Kris.
Breakfast [R, Future] Kris's toast is too boring.

Go Ahead [NC-17, Future] "Got plans for the day?" Adam said./"Drowning your embarrassments," Kris said.
Never Under Your Control [NC-17, Future] Adam uses handcuffs onstage. Kris gets ideas.

Kradam Prompts Part 1 2 [PG] Kradam Prompts.

*Collapsible Plans (Prologue) Chapter 1 2 3 [PG-13, WIP, AU] Kris leaves small town life behind to attend college in New York City. Who does he meet along the way that flips his world upside down?

Dreaming of You [R] Adam haunts Kris’s dreams in his nights.
Promises Fulfilled [NC-17] Sequel to DoY Well, Adam is nothing if not a man of his word.
Unfamiliar, Undefined [PG-13, Idol] Adam is like no one Kris has ever known before.
The Sound of Possession on Your Lips [R, Idol] So, okay, it’s not exactly Kris’s fault, he’s got absolutely no idea how beautiful he is, loose-limbed and wide-grinned from the beers he’s had.
Discovery [NC-17, Idol] Kris learns new things about himself every day.
Love, and the Choosing of It [PG, Idol] Kris could fill a dictionary with the way Adam makes him feel.
Freckles [PG-13] The freckles sprinkled over Adam’s body are like the myriad stars that dust the sky.
Handcuffs [R] Kris has clever, quick-learning hands, and always thinks about Adam’s pleasure before his own.
A Dozen Red Roses [PG, Future] Everyone deserves flowers before a performance.
Surfing the Internet [R, Idol] So Adam’s a pretty curious guy, whatever, this shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows him.
Body Piercing [NC-17] Somehow, for Adam, what Kris is doing now is almost hotter than the silver ring he’d slid down his finger two months before.

Just Our Flaws [PG-13] Kris' biggest flaw and how he deals with it.
I Never Stopped Believing [G, Idol] What Kris has been feeling through out the whole American Idol process.
When We Found Out [G, Idol] When Kris and Adam find out about ‘Kradam’.

**The Many Ways to Fall [NC-17, Pre-Idol] What if Adam and Kris had a brief but memorable encounter before Idol?
**Open Arms [NC-17, Idol] Sequel to TMWTF
**A Little Down That Road [NC-17, Future] Adam and Kris go on a trip.
*Way With Words [NC-17, Idol] PWP.
Anything But Lonely [R, AU] AU where a confident, adult Kris, who is out to himself and the world, meets shy, insecure, teenage Adam.
Box of Rain [NC-17, Future] Kris knew that Adam Lambert could refuse him nothing.
Little Moments [NC-17, Future] Adam has a way of wrecking Kris’s best intentions. Or, “nurse” Kris.
**Light of Different Stars [NC-17, AU] Inspired a little by Nancy’s Savoca’s film Dogfight which is the story of a soldier about to ship off to Vietnam, and the night he spends with a misfit, free-spirited singer, who touches him in ways he never would have thought possible.
The Hours Before Morning [NC-17, AU] Sequel to Light of Different Stars Vietnam Vet Kris struggles to re-adjust and recover, supported by the man who loves him.

Keep it in the Cage [R, Tour] The thing is, Adam's cock is kind of big.
Bare [PG-13, Future] Kris is asked to pose for Playgirl much to his embarrassment and Adam's delight.

Hushed Secrets and Longings Part 1 [NC-17, WIP, Tour/Future] Kris Allen was a bundle of knots; entangled in a web of a mess he couldn’t seem to get himself out of, and it was starting to show.

Nighttime Encounters [PG-13, Idol] Adam has trouble sleeping. Kris helps.

heroes_and_cons (f-locked)
Lullabye [R, Future] A confusing friendship unfolds into a tumultuous relationship, but by the time Kris realizes what he’s always wanted it’s too late.
All It Takes, Jeans, Love is a Battlefield [PG, Tour] Adam thinks he may be addicted to Kris' hugs/Adam takes Kris shopping and makes him try on/buy girl's jeans/Allison makes the boys watch a silly chick flick. Lots of snark and making fun of her ensues.
*Castle on the Hudson [NC-17, AU] AU, early 1900s.
*Everything In Its Right Place [NC-17, Future] Over the course of eighteen years, Adam’s and Kris’s relationship both strengthens and falters through the friendship between their two sons.
Bleeding Love, Vegas Skies [PG-13, Future] Drabbles.
Detroit [PG-13, Tour] Kris and Adam have a falling-out over Kris's incapability to deal with his emotions.
Elle [NC-17, Tour] And then, Kris is standing, getting up on his tiptoes so that his mouth is hovering next to Adam’s ear. “I like this outfit, too,” he whispers. “But I think I’d like it more if you took it off.”
Tomorrow, Tomorrow [PG-13, AU] Kris and Adam fight to hold on as the world around them shatters.

And A Happy New Year [PG-13, Future] New Year's Eve soulmate future fic.
Wanderlust [PG-13, Future]
Elevate Me [NC-17, Tour] Kris loves how tall Adam is.

Unless the Dreamer is the Real You [PG-13, Idol] Kris lives and learns through the weeks of american idol, finding outside comfort and companionship along the way.
Once Wings [NC-17] 'Adam kisses dirty, of course he does.'

If Music be the Stuff of Love(Play On) [R] Set of ficlets, inspired by music.
Loud [R, Future] Jealous!Adam.
Loud (Baby I’m Falling Away) [R, Future] Sequel to Loud Kris’s POV.
Virtue and Vice [R, Future] Kris laughs -actually laughs like it was yesterday, instead of this today where they are thousands of miles apart and breaking up when they were never even together.
Don't Leave Me Here [To Let You Down] [R, Future/Crossover] She offers to go with him, but right now all Adam can do to keep the total fear at bay is keep his mouth shut. If he has to interact with someone who knows him he might just lose his shit completely.

honey_wheeler (f-locked)
Sing Me Something Brave From Your Mouth [R, Idol] Set after the Top 5 Performance Show and Results Show. Adam thinks maybe Simon was right when he said Kris couldn’t win. Kris thinks maybe Adam should go soak his fat head. Fighting and sexy hijinks ensue.
**Do I Find You, Or You Find Me? Part 1 2 [NC-17, Idol/Tour/Future] Set throughout Season 8 and after the tour. The Incredible/Impossible True Adventure of Two Boys in Love...
If I Take You Home, Will You Respect Me In The Morning? [NC-17, Idol] Two ficlets, both set during the Season 8 tour. Scenario one, Kris loses his mind and his scruples. Scenario two, Allison is adorable. All scenarios, Adam Lambert is irresistible.
Drabbles [PG] Drabbles.
Halfway to Heaven, Still Halfway to Hell [R, Future] Kris and Adam miss each other after the tour – a late night phone call turns into phone sex.
But Then Again, Maybe [PG-13, Idol] Adam playing with Kris' hair.
Be My Singing Lesson, Be My Song [R, Future] Sequel to HTHSHTH A late night phone call turns into phone sex.
Kid Gloves [R] "No, I like it," Kris says. He seems like he means it. He also seems like he's a little scared, but that he kind of likes that too.

Smile for the Camera.... [PG-13, Tour] It's the night after the pictures of Adam and Drake are released and Kris and Adam have to go do Press for the Idol tour on the late night circuit, but something boiling beneath the surface and all is not what it seems...

They're in alphabetical order by author.
My personal favorites have a * by them.
I did include the fics that are friendlocked.
Thank you so much argeneau for helping with the classifications. It means a lot. *HUGGLES*
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